citiZen Wellness Spa


We are a professional, down­ to ­earth Wellness Spa catering to a diverse clientele. From athletes to

lawyers, fellow business owners, healthcare providers to stay ­at ­home moms, we have a service to

fit everyone’s lifestyle & budget.

At the heart of our business is a sense of love, compassion & giving back. Our massage therapists,

facial specialists, & nail technicians have the same caring nature as we, the owners, do. We are

happy to call them part of our family. They love to attend and host fundraising events for the

sincere desire to touch people’s lives. They care about our clients and our community. We have the

BEST staff who have highly technical skills with a compassionate touch.

Everyone deserves to be healthy and happy and we help you take those first steps towards focusing

on health and wellness instead of pain & illness. You’ll find a great team ­oriented philosophy

where staff will gladly refer you to another staff member or service to fit your needs. We cherish

the relationships built within our Wellness Spa.

XOXO, citiZEN Staff